What will my business or non-profit receive as an underwriter?

As a WUZA Station Partner, you will receive on-air acknowledgements for your support of this radio station. We want to let our loyal listening audience know that your business is helping our station grow! We will record a  :30 second announcement that identifies your organization or business as a WUZA Station Partner. The announcement may include some basic information about your organization, such as a phone number, address, or website. The number of announcements is dependent on the level of your financial support of WUZA.

So I’m basically buying advertising?

Excellent question! In the strictest sense of the definition, you are not buying advertising. However, there’s no denying that repeated on-air announcements identifying your business as a WUZA Station Partner increases awareness and brand loyalty for your organization or business. We are often told by businesses that they see better results with WUZA due to the fact that we don’t allow all the standard advertising gimmicks, including screaming car commercials, “mention this ad and get free…”, etc.

Listeners don’t want to be insulted. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what traditional advertising often does. We’re a non-commercially licensed radio station with the Federal Communications Commission, so you will NEVER hear pricing information, calls to action, comparative claims, etc. on any of our Station Partner announcements. Not only is it the law, we find that it’s how listeners prefer to be treated.

Can you tell me about who will hear my announcement?

Absolutely. Give us a call. We have access to all the latest Nielsen Ratings numbers and statistics. When it comes to who’s listening to our radio station, we can quote you the exact same figures and statistics as the commercial stations.

We can also give you two assurances the commercial stations cannot. First, because WUZA is primarily a listener-supported station, our listeners are MORE likely to support businesses that support WUZA. We consider our Station Partners part of our family. You are truly a partner with us in providing the Wabash Valley with excellent community radio and education related thereto. Second, when you become a Station Partner, you are not only receiving recognition for your business, you are investing in the future of community radio. You are making history and giving back to the community when you become a WUZA Station Partner.

What do you require of me?

When your sponsorship runs on WUZA, listeners see it as an endorsement for your business from WUZA. There’s a deep trust between WUZA listeners and our radio station — and that’s something we work every day to protect. You should know that we’re very selective in accepting new businesses as Station Partners. Your business must have a proven track record of taking the best possible care of your customers or clients. In short, we require that your business practices reflect excellence and integrity.

Where can I find more information?

Contact Deuce Payne, Underwriting Director. You can contact Deuce at (812) 229 – 5924 or send an e-mail via our contact form below. Whether you are interested in a short-term or long-term relationship with WUZA, we can’t wait to tell you more about our Station Partner program for businesses, and non-profit organizations!